Welcome to Jening Dyers Pty Ltd.

Industry leaders in providing dyeing services for textile accessories, fabric, trim, all types of garments and colouring solutions for unique items.

Utilising the best dyes and technologies available we are able to provide a perfect colour match for textile accessories, fabrics, elastics, laces, webbing tapes and garments to meet our customer specifications and requirements.

Who we are:

Our team at Jening Dyers has serviced the textile and fashion industry for over 18 years servicing some of the best local design houses and labels.

With our extensive knowledge, great customer service, excellent quality and competitive prices, we are a company whose customers can rely on.

Why choose us:

• Perfect colour match
• Specialised machinery
• Zero extra charges for priority orders.
• Competitive pricing
• Quick turnaround time
• We provide free delivery and pickup around the CBD and greater CBD areas
• We are experts in nylon, cotton, silk, polyester, viscose, rayon and composite materials